Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application

Too Slow

The LG1940P emerged from our tests with disappointing scores for latency.

The curve speaks for itself - the 25 ms claimed are very optimistic. The average is closer to 50 ms.

In Practice

For office and graphics applications, the LG 1940P is an excellent monitor. The viewing angles are wide, and the colors are faithful. This is another to candidate to serve as a monitor for photography enthusiasts, but not for anything else. Trying to play games on it was a disaster. It's way too slow for FPS games, and also for Warhammer 40K, for example. That's a shame, because the colors are splendid.

The same goes for video. Video noise wasn't perceptible, but latency was visible far too often in tracking shots.


While the L1740P had won us over with its attractive looks and acceptable panel, the LG 1940P didn't convince us. For $550, we would have preferred a more up-to-date panel, for example an LG/Philips 12 ms.