Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


The equipment on the L1940P is classic: Dual VGA/DVI connectivity and a built-in transformer, which are fairly basic.

Note that the L1940 is also available in a "Light" version under the name L1940B. It costs less, but it has no DVI interface.

Vibrant Colors

The L1940P's color rendering is very good. Colors were bright and well balanced.

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The value of 0.51 nits is a little disappointing for a 25 ms panel. We did expect a little better. The brightness was also too high for a work monitor, and would take getting used to.

The contrast was perfectly stable. Remember the difficulties we had with the L1915S from the same manufacturer. It's good to see that LG is working in the right direction to remedy this problem, and the new version of the onboard electronics in its monitors is very effective.