Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


Due to the ultra-flat design, the transformer of the L1980U is separate. As for connections, there's dual VGA/DVI connectivity, and that's it. More would be desirable, but concessions had to be made to the extra-flat design.

So far we don't have much to criticize about the L1980U. Its design is exceptional, as are its ergonomics.

Relatively Good Fidelity

In our calibrator tests, the LG1980U had the same disadvantages as the Philips 190X5. The darkest shades were difficult to reproduce on this monitor. But overall, it performed well, with 97% of the colors rendered correctly (Delta < 2).

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For once, the brightness wasn't blinding. But the black level was too high. We've seen much better.

The contrast, on the other hand was really very stable - for a good reason. The onboard electronics are similar to what the L1940P uses. It's good news for those who care about their monitor's ease of adjustment.