ATI Buyer's Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

Sapphire X1600 XT - Web Support

Sapphire's website can be found at The support section links directly to ATI's Customer Care section, so it is easiest to get the reference drivers straight from ATI's download section at

Sapphire X1600 XT - Overclocking And Heat

Since the Overdrive section of the driver is unavailable, overclocking through the driver is not an option. The default clock speeds are given as 581/684 MHz (GPU/memory) in the driver's Information Center. For reference, the competition clocks its cards at 587/693 MHz, but this discrepancy makes only a minuscule difference in overall performance. The card does not feature a temperature sensor. The memory frequency you see in the screenshot is the actual clockspeed; since this is DDR memory, the numbers quoted in the technical specifications are twice as high.