ATI Buyer's Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

Asus EAX X1600 XT Silent - Tools And Software

A more detailed, multilingual version of the user manual for both ATI and Nvidia cards is included on the CD. The gaming bundle consists of four CDs and comprises Xpand Rally, Savage, Billy Blade - Temple of Time, and Mashed.

The driver CD contains the Asus version of ATI's reference drivers, and several tools and drivers for webcams and gamepads.

Asus's driver CD is a little overzealous and installs its version of the driver over the newer reference driver (Catalyst 6.3) that we had already installed. Its installation routine also includes DirectX 9.0c. Asus has made some slight alterations to the Catalyst user interface - for one thing, it sports the Asus logo instead of ATI's. More importantly, Asus changed the anti-aliasing options, adding a checkbox to enable adaptive AA in addition to that for temporal AA. In temporal AA mode, the pattern used for edge smoothing is changed every other frame; adaptive AA, on the other hand, adds the super-sampling technique to the normal multi-sampling method when AA is enabled. The advantage is that super sampling also works on transparent textures such as branches or stair-rails.