ATI Buyer's Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

Sapphire Radeon X1600 XT

This card is a single-slot solution with a long copper cooler that covers both the GPU and the memory chips. The GPU supports both Pixel Shader 3 and HDR rendering with simultaneous anti-aliasing. Performance-wise, the X1600 XT is a bit more than a third slower than the X1800 XL, meaning it is just fast enough for the current crop of complex 3D games.

Sapphire's Radeon X1600 XT features one DVI connector, one VGA output and a video-out jack.

Sapphire X1600 XT - Accessories

The card's bundle is identical to that of the AGP version of the Radeon X1600. Despite the card's low price, it comes with all of the necessary cables and adapters for Video, HDTV and DVI. Power DVD 6 2ch is included as a software player for DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs. Finally, a DVI-to-VGA adapter permits the card to be used with a second analog display.