ATI Buyer's Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

Tools And Software, Continued

Asus's GameFace Messenger combines instant messenger functionality with a video-conferencing feature. It's an ideal solution for staying in contact with other players in online games.

GameLiveShow is a utility that transmits a 3D game live across a LAN or the Internet. GameReplay allows gamers to save their gaming session to the hard drive as an MPEG-4 video; a preview feature gives feedback on how the recording is going. A multilingual help file contains comprehensive instructions on how to record a game and how other computers can receive the video stream.

VideoSecurity is basically a video surveillance tool. The images captured by a camera can be saved, transmitted through the Internet and evaluated live on your display at home. User settings include sensor sensitivity selection, a capture interval of one to four seconds, and an option to send email alerts.