ATI Buyer's Guide, Part III: All Graphics Cards!

MSI RX1900 XTX-VT2D512E - Web Support

MSI's website is located at The welcome page contains links to localized websites in various languages. On the German site, the graphics driver is hard to find; the hunt begins in the "Computer Products" section, then goes to "technical support" where "latest driver download" is selected and the graphics driver is then chosen. Sadly, all this clicking is in vain, since the X1900 was not yet listed when we checked out the page. MSI's own tools fared no better in our quest for drivers. While Live Update 3 was unable to connect to MSI's update server, Live Monitor's finds were questionable at best, as it presented us with six different drivers for the X800 and X850 series, all outdated. Indeed, since MSI uses the ATI reference driver anyway, it seems much easier to simply download it directly from ATI at