19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection


The Overdrive is exceptionally well controlled, earning the VX922 a place in Class A.

Since we didn't record any overshoot, this monitor should resolve a lot of the complaints from gamers who are unhappy with their 4- and 6-ms monitors. On displays with which the overdrive is poorly controlled, some people can see visual artifacts in FPS games during lateral movements. A halo of color appears temporarily around the moving object. This phenomenon is due to the overdrive technology used on this type of monitor. In the worst cases, the color displayed is not the right one for 3 whole frames, which can be visible in the form of unwanted colors. (If you have this problem, one trick that works fairly well is to increase your display's refresh rate to 70 Hz instead of 60 Hz.)

In Use

Again, the default brightness was too high for office applications. You can solve the problem by sacrificing a little color fidelity. Text was sharp, but it would be better to use this monitor for office work only occasionally. If editing documents is your profession, there are better candidates among the other models we tested.

Games are really this monitor's home turf. It's incredibly fast, and no chromatic aberrations appear during movement - this is really the Rolls-Royce of gamers' LCD displays.

The assessment is a little more mixed for video. A good deal of sparkling was perceptible on color masses. And what's more, the viewing angles, in particular the vertical, were quite narrow. So the VX922 is a gamer's monitor first and foremost.


At this price, we'd have liked this to be more of an all-purpose monitor. It would also have been nice if the shell were a little more high-end looking. Unfortunately that's not case. On the other hand, this is the fastest monitor we've ever seen. Its reactivity and precision put it in a class by itself. In summary, if you have the money and if what you want is sheer performance, this is the monitor of choice. And there'll always be people for whom performance has no price.