19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection


Since overdrive isn't used, overshoot isn't a factor.

In Use

For demanding photographers, the NEC 1980Fxi is a real joy. Pictures were extremely sharp, though of course not as sharp as on the maker's 21" monitors. The colors were fantastic. We tried several very tricky shots, including some black-and-white ones, which often pose problems of contrast on LCD monitors. The 1980Fxi handled them all extremely well, even in the darkest colors - details showed up that remain lost on most LCD monitors. Office applications are also quite feasible, thanks to the pivot mode and the extensive possibilities for adjustment. You'll be able to work in front of this monitor for long hours with no problem.

But forget about gaming, given the obvious latency drawbacks. This is a serious monitor, and games aren't what it's intended for.

Video isn't a strong point either, also because of latency. That's a shame, because the NEC monitor performed well in the video-noise department. A shame.


Though its price may be a little high, this monitor is still one of the references in this size category for photography use. While amateurs can get by with a ViewSonic VP930, demanding users should prefer the chromatic qualities of the 1980Fxi.