19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection


Such an exaggerated Overdrive gets a C classification and has the consequences you'd expect on the level of video noise.

In Use

My comments are pretty much the same as for the NEC 90GX2. The brightness is too high for intensive work with office applications. And the filter rules out any serious photo retouching.

The FP91V+ is a good gaming monitor, though. It's very reactive, though the specified 6 ms are just wishful thinking. The filter provides nice bright colors for demanding titles like "FarCry" and "WoW," but here again you'll have to play in the dark or else push the brightness to the limit to keep reflections in the panel from being a problem. The interpolation was disappointing, so you'll have to play in native resolution.

The video performance was just as catastrophic. Sparkling was too evident, and the optical filter requires you to screen your movies in total darkness.


The FP91V+ frankly doesn't manage to stand out in the crowd. Its "glare" panel, which was supposed to set it apart, makes it just one more monitor with an optical filter, with all the disadvantages that implies.