19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection

BenQ FP91V: Ho-Hum

The color rendering wasn't great.

Few colors were perfect, even though almost all were considered good by the calibrator. The colors were less showy than on the FP91V+, but at least they were natural. The FP91V's picture was somewhat dull.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.37225608 : 1

The results were fairly good. The brightness was a little high, but you have to compare it to the 300 nits of the two preceding monitors. The black level was quite decent.

The optimum contrast was at approximately 80% brightness, as with the FP91V+. For our calibration, we set it at 76% brightness. That had the best fidelity results.

The color gamut was only slightly broader compared to the FP91V+.