19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection

Samsung 970P

Now we look at another model line from Samsung. The 970P is currently the top-of-the-line 19" monitor from Samsung. It boasts studied ergonomics, attractive design and improved performance. Let's see what it can do on the desktop.

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Diagonal measurement19"
Native resolution1280 x 1024
Contrast1000 : 1
Brightness250 nits
Latency6 ms(GTG)
H/V viewing angles178/178
ConnectivityVGA, DVI


The 970P uses the same color vocabulary as the 960BF - "Apple" white and metal gray. The double-pivoted base is a work of art in itself, but suffers from fragile construction. It was originally designed for a 17" monitor, and has trouble handling the weight of the larger display.


Here again, buttons are taboo and we're in the world of all-software adjustment via Samsung's MagicTune. Again, Linux fans are left out in the cold. Mechanically, the display has height and tilt adjustments. It also has a pivot mode and an imposing rotating pedestal. In practice, the functioning of the height adjustment is very limited. The weight of the panel is such that the base easily drops back to its initial position if you raise it too much. The problem is that the double-pivoting base isn't sturdy enough.

Connectivity And Equipment

This model's transformer is external, and the DVI connector is at the end of a cable that's permanently attached to the monitor. This reminds you of the system also used by Apple. Personally, I don't like this system of using a separate connectivity unit. It's bulky, useless and makes no convincing contribution to design.