19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection


While this ends our look at the Spring LCD collection from monitor manufacturers, other models have arrived, and we'll regularly update this article.

Following this spate of tests, it is apparent that vendors are increasingly designing LCD monitors for specific applications. The last 100%-all-around monitor we've seen is the ViewSonic VP930, which we tested in previously. The others are either good at color rendering or are excessively fast.

Our preference still goes to the VP930, for its flexibility of use and advanced ergonomics, especially since the price has come down slightly since the model was introduced. Gamers should look to the ViewSonic VX922.

For photo retouching and content creation, we can't recommend the Samsung 970P enough. Its exceptional contrast and unmatched color fidelity make it the ideal companion for spending long hours in front of your screen.