19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection

Samsung 960BF: Hand-Crafting

The factory adjustments weren't very convincing. The color temperature can be adjusted via presets to normal, warm or cold. This out to 7000K, 6300K and 8700Kk, respectively, for this monitor.

After adjustment, it wasn't bad at all. We opted for a manual adjustment with red at 50, green at 23 and blue at 15 and got some convincing results. What this means is that you have to tinker around. I hope you're not allergic to contrast and color test patterns...

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.3188626 : 1

We were pleasantly surprised - the contrast was good, the black level was deep and the brightness wasn't excessive. It's really nice to work on a monitor with such well-regulated brightness. Some may find it a bit strong, but compared to the other models we tested for this article, the 960BF was very good.

The contrast showed a slight dip at 40%, but that's not a big problem since we got the best calibration results at 99% brightness.

The 960BF didn't excel in the Gretag test. It simply met the standards - but that's already doing pretty well.