19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection

NEC 1980Fxi: Real Class

Obviously, the 1980Fxi had a lot to live up to as far as color quality is concerned. And it was no disappointment.

In sRGB, 98% of the colors were good, and 95% were perfect. We got the same results after changing the color temperature, which is directly programmable via the monitor's OSD. The colors are adjustable on 6 channels, as on NEC's 21" monitors. So the NEC 1980Fxi isn't disappointing from this point of view. The colors were natural and well balanced.

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0.3163543: 1

Here again, this monitor's professional orientation was evident. The brightness is ideal for long hours of photo retouching. The black level is excellent. Monitors capable of this kind of performance are rare.

As befits a pro monitor, the 1980Fxi's contrast showed uncommon stability.

The color gamut shows that the NEC monitor covers a slightly wider range of colors than the average computer monitor, especially in the greens.