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Blu-ray Player Prices Showing Signs Of Downward Trend

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Market Scan - It has been about four months since Toshiba decided to shut down its HD DVD format and so far, consumers have seen Blu-ray player prices on the rise. However, June is the very first month in which we observed a decrease in average retail prices of Blu-ray player prices. As stores are clearing out their inventory for BonusView and BD-Live players, this may be the very first time we could describe Blu-ray as becoming affordable. made headlines earlier today with a $300 Blu-ray player. The Samsung BD-P1400 is offered by the online store for $298, which represents a $101 discount over the suggested retail price of $399 and another $100 discount of the $499 price tag when the player entered U.S. retail in September of last year. According to, the BD-P1400 is currently selling for an average retail price of about $335, with at least one store offering the player for less than $280.

A closer look at price trends of other Blu-ray players (without BonusView and BD-Live features), reveals that the BD-P1400 is not a fluke. Over the 20 days, most mainstream Blu-ray players have come down in average retail prices and left the $400 territory, which was pretty much the target area since the departure of HD DVD. We have compiled the price trends of four mainstream Blu-ray players below. At least according to current retail pricing, the Samsung player may be the best deal out there right now. If you are shopping for a Blu-ray player and watch how much you spend, then keep your eyes on this one, while we do expect especially Sony’s and Sharp’s players to come down sharply as well.

According to average retail prices provided by, Blu-ray players saw a sharp climb in prices when Toshiba pulled out of the market in mid-February. Prices somewhat stabilized and appear to finally come under pressure and begin playing with the $350 mark.

As a side note and just in case you are stuck with HD DVD movies, there is good news for LG’s BH200 combo Blu-ray/HD DVD player as well. Average retail prices for the device have come down dramatically and currently hover around the $450 mark, down from $1000 last December. According to Pricegrabber, there is still plenty of supply in the market left.

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    Anonymous , June 6, 2008 10:56 PM
    good to know... its only going to become popular when you can get one for as cheap as a dvd player is today
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    pocketdrummer , June 7, 2008 8:46 AM
    Well, sub-$200 units will start selling units (for sure). $100-$150 will make it mainstream.
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    enforcer22 , June 7, 2008 10:15 AM
    $300 is fine as long as it is a top of the line player. But for a entry level crap box i wouldnt pay that.
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    blackened144 , June 7, 2008 2:04 PM
    Does anyone really even care about most of the additional crap they are putting on the disc's anyway? All I want is a unit with full HD video and sound for as cheap as possible(I wont pay more than $200).. They can keep their BD-Live and BonusView crap..
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    enforcer22 , June 7, 2008 8:03 PM
    I never cared about bonus crap they put on dvd's i just wanted to watch the movies and record my crap on them from my computer. I also never cared about cheap players that had no functionality and felt like they were falling apart out of the box. I normaly pay about $150 for dvd players cuz they can play any formate and can connect to anything i want. I dont really care much about BR as a video player as much as i care about it as a backup tool. What is BD-live and bonusview anyways.