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Fan Power Connection

Building Your Own PC, Part 2: Assembly Step by Step

Plenty of air flow. Here is the power connection for the cooler's fan.

You may have wondered why the connector lead for the fan has three wires. Two of these carry the power; the third is used for monitoring the speed of the fan. Therefore, the BIOS is always aware of the speed at which the fan is running.

Minor Differences With The Pentium 4 System

Socket 370 (Intel Pentium III or Via C3), Socket A/462, and Socket 7 all use the same method of mounting the cooler. However, Socket 478-based Pentium 4 systems are slightly different. Intel specifies that motherboard manufacturers should provide a plastic guide rail to ensure that the cooler is always mounted flat to the surface of the processor. Also, the cooler is not locked down with clips but with a snap-in system, as shown in the following pictures.

Pentium 4 motherboards have a socket with 478 pins and a guide for the CPU cooler.

Attaching a Pentium 4 cooler