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DZ77SL-50K Applications

Seven Sub-$160 Z77 Express Motherboards, Reviewed

Intel includes a significant software bundle with the DZ77SL-50K, though much of it is trialware. That applies to both its ESET and Norton security suites.

Laplink’s PC Mover is also included, which appears to be a great way to migrate applications. This version is unfortunately limited to three program transfers, and warns that even those three might not work. We recommend searching your favorite apps for compatibility with this program before bothering to try it.

On the other hand, Splashtop Remote Desktop really does work (at least on other people’s hardware). It enables enhanced remote desktop capabilities from portable devices, and the software looks promising (in other people's videos). Locked in an office with only his work, this editor doesn’t have any portable devices (Ed.: Sad face).

Going beyond its manufacturing partner’s splash screen apps, Intel Integrator Tool Kit offers the level of firmware customization needed to make every builder a baby Dell. Unfortunately, none of its recent firmware files had the proper extension to work with this program.

Our criticism of Gigabyte’s monitoring menu sprawl appears harsh in retrospect. Intel Desktop Utilities provides all of the hardware information we would want, but we’re fairly certain that the firm could have picked a more compact way to display it.

A spread-out selection of system status menus wouldn’t matter to many users if it didn’t also come with an equally-excessive alarm settings group.

We have not yet mentioned Virtu MVP software in our coverage of other boards because we thought it was universal across the full range of enthusiast-oriented Z77 motherboards. Intel's DZ77SL-50K instead includes Virtu Universal, without the HyperFormance mode available in MVP.

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