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SSD - Page 10


Solid-state drives are the latest and highest performing storage technology. We have all the information you need, from prices to speeds to reliability, in order to help you choose the right ssd for your needs.

news - AUGUST 17 1

IBM announced that it will be acquiring Texas Memory Systems (TMS), a manufacturer of high-end flash memory products.

news - AUGUST 16 5

Toshiba has announced a new external drive and an SSD upgrade kit for desktops and laptops.

news - AUGUST 6 8

LSI announced new SandForce client flash storage processors that promise lower power consumption and improved performance.

news - AUGUST 5 20

With the vast majority of systems still running a SATA 3.0 Gb/s interface, Crucial has released its new v4 SSDs to deliver substantial yet affordable performance gains to SATA 3.0 Gb/s systems.

news - AUGUST 3 18

Intel is pushing for a new mSATA SSD standard for Ultrabooks called NGFF.

reviews - JULY 30 41

Although we saw some small price adjustments over the last month, that's not the biggest news. A past recommendation, Samsung's 830, was based on a promotional bundle that some readers reported not getting. We...

news - JULY 25 3

Here's a special Hump Day treat for you, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy.

news - JULY 24 1

Deals for the day, hot off the LogicBuy press!

news - JULY 24 12

MSI to enter the SSD battle with its own LSI SandForce-based SSD?

news - JULY 23 1

LogicBuy's latest deals are sure to banish even the worst case of the Mondays.

news - JULY 22 36

OCZ is making a lot of waves these days. In its CQ2 conference call, the company confirmed that its Barefoot controller should be returning in sample form from the contract fab shortly.

news - JULY 21 1

Check out the weekend edition of LogicBuy's best offers!

news - JULY 20 1

LogicBuy is getting the weekend started with some hot deals that are sure to give you that Friday feeling!

news - JULY 19 1

Allow our hottest deals from LogicBuy to ease your gadget itch.

news - JULY 19 24

A report claiming that Seagate may acquire OCZ has caused the latter company's stock to rise.

news - JULY 19 9

Super Talent announces the release of its SuperNova SSD Series.

news - JULY 18 49

Silicon Power says its new golden SSD will re-write your experience.

news - JULY 17 4

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news - JULY 17 6

This enclosure turns any 2.5-inch HDD or SDD into wireless storage for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

news - JULY 16 1

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news - JULY 14 6

Why not indulge in some retail therapy to aid a relaxing weekend?

news - JULY 14 1

Start your weekend off right with these deals from Logic Buy.

news - JULY 13 46

If you are planning on purchasing a solid state disk, it may be worth it to wait another few weeks.

news - JULY 11 8

Brighten up your Wednesday with these awesome deals from Logic Buy!

news - JULY 11 0

Check out our daily deals for the best Logic Buy has to offer.

news - JULY 9 0

Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day with the sweetest deals Logic Buy has to offer.

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