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Storage - Page 5


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 3

A 64 GB 600x microSDXC card to go with the 32 GB 600x option it already offers.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 6 19

We got our hands on an early sample of SanDisk's A110 SSD. So what? Big deal? Not a chance. This thing is PCI Express-attached and sports the new M.2 edge connector. Read on to learn more about the next...

news - SEPTEMBER 5 8

Corsair's newest flash drives are already on the market.

news - AUGUST 30 0

HighPoint has launched a storage dock that uses two USB 3.0 interfaces in order to fully dilate a SATA3 connection.

news - AUGUST 25 9

Here's a super-thin hard drive for super-thin notebooks.

news - AUGUST 20 5

Mushkin has announced its Ventura Ultra flash drives, which are powered by a SandForce controller and run over a USB 3.0 interface.

news - AUGUST 19 11

That didn't take long.

news - AUGUST 16 36

WD has formed a group with other HDD makers to promote rotating magnetic storage tech.

news - AUGUST 15 0

The North American branches of Buffalo have merged into one large tech-serving animal.

reviews - AUGUST 12 9

Silicon Motion already makes flash storage controllers in all shapes and sizes. Now, with a new SATA 6Gb/s processor ready for action, the Taiwanese firm is hoping to make a dent in the market share currently...

news - AUGUST 9 15

A new revision of the SATA specification has been announced by the SATA-IO, and it comes with some very impressive new specifications.

reviews - AUGUST 7 29

Micron's consumer products division, Crucial, wasn't the first brand to introduce a 1 TB SSD. But it was the first to sell one for less than a fortune, and it sports some snazzy new features to boot. We got our...

news - AUGUST 5 0

Check out Monday's hottest deals from LogicBUY.

reviews - AUGUST 3 14

Earlier this week, a representative from Samsung spent a day answering questions from the Tom's Hardware community. In the pages that follow, we aggregate the discussion on next-gen technology, hard drives,...

news - AUGUST 1 13

Android 4.3 introduces fstrim which will help the eMMC controller take out the piled up trash.

news - AUGUST 1 23

Microsoft hasn't offered any information on what the new name might be.

reviews - AUGUST 1 33

When you look at it from the side, Seagate's Laptop Ultrathin HDD is almost easy to miss. Measuring just 5 mm tall, it’s one of the thinnest hard drives in existence. We got our hands on the 500 GB model to...

news - JULY 30 24

Sony and Panasonic want a 300 GB optical disc by 2015.

reviews - JULY 30 19

HGST's Travelstar 7K1000 is the first 1000 GB notebook drive we've tested with a 7200 RPM spindle speed. Is this hard disk a performance crown winner? We run our standard suite of benchmarks on it and compare...

news - JULY 29 12

Ask Samsung anything you've ever wondered about its storage and memory products.

reviews - JULY 25 64

Last week, Samsung unveiled a successor to its wildly popular 840 at the company's Global SSD Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Stacked with a series of new features and 19 nm, three-bit-per-cell NAND, we benchmark...

news - JULY 25 2

SanDisk has introduced two devices for storing and sharing content on the go without the need for USB cables.

news - JULY 24 7

All the storage you need for £7 a month.

news - JULY 19 17

These SD cards are compliant with UHS-II.

news - JULY 18 13

Google wants to encrypt your files stored on Google Drive.

news - JULY 18 18

After Microsoft defended itself against last week's NSA allegations, the company has joined an alliance to address President Obama personally.