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Get This 1TB SSD for Under $80

Team Group CX2 1TB SSD Box
(Image credit: Newegg)

A new generation of games means a bunch of new data you’ll need to store on your best gaming PC. That’s why cheap SSD storage is always a good deal. Take the Team Group CX2 1TB SSD, which is currently $76.99 on Newegg (down from $89.99).

The Team Group CX2 1TB SSD is a 2.5-inch SSD that connects over SATA III and holds anywhere from 256GB to 2TB of data. Both the 512GB and 1TB versions of this drive are on sale at Newegg, though the 1TB version has a greater discount. 

Team Group CX2 1TB SSD: was $89.99 now $76.99 @ Newegg
This is a 2.5-inch SATA III SSD that claims a 540 MBps max read speed and a 490 MBps max write speed.
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The 1TB CX2 touts a 540 MBps max read speed and a 490 MBps max write speed. While this doesn’t match our best SSDs, it’s still plenty fast for the price, especially for SATA

You can never have enough storage. So if you're wondering where you're going to store all these news games coming out, this is a great option.

  • Soul_keeper
    What controller does this SSD use ?
    Is it a dramless design ?
  • neojack
  • Nemesia
    Team Group CX2 2.5" 1TB SATA III 3D NAND TLC SSD SLC Caching.

    I will pass. Dramless.
  • MoxNix
    Dramless... IOW, garbage. Might as well just get an HDD, it's probably faster once the SSD cache fills up!
  • NightHawkRMX
    I am thoroughly experienced with Dramless SSDs. No, they are not as slow as an HDD. In actuality, they are not even close. They feel exponentially more snappy for day to day usage, booting windows, loading programs, etc.

    I probably wouldn't get this one, however.