Pixio PX248 Prime 24-Inch IPS is $179 at Newegg

Pixio Monitor
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If you've been holding out for a quality IPS display, check out this discount on the Pixio PX248 Prime 24-inch monitor. Today, users can take it home for just $179 at Newegg, which is well below the recommended $209 price point. 

This is one of several offers we have on IPS displays. We're sharing the best deals on tech we can find throughout the holiday and even have a page dedicated to best monitor deals, if you want to compare shop.

Pixio PX248 Prime 24-Inch 144Hz IPS: was $209, now $179 at Newegg

Pixio PX248 Prime 24-Inch 144Hz IPS: was $209, now $179 at Newegg
This monitor has a recommended price of $209 but is listed for $179 at Newegg. It's $10 cheaper through Amazon but isn't in stock right now.

One of the most notable specs behind this monitor is the 144Hz refresh rate. The response time dips as low as 1ms, according to the specs.

The spec sheet also boasts an FHD resolution, which measures in at 1920x1080. This unit also supports AMD Radeon FreeSync to reduce screen tearing while gaming.

Visit the Pixio PX248 Prime product page at Newegg for more details and checkout options.       

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