Samsung’s Excellent 32-Inch 4K Monitor Gets Even Cheaper at $350


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If you’ve been waiting for a great deal before making the leap to 4K, your big day is finally here. One of the best Cyber Monday monitor deals is of the 4K flavor and takes an already budget monitor and makes it even cheaper. The Samsung UR59C just got a price cut from its original $500 to $350

Our Samsung UR59C review praised how accurate this monitor can get with our recommended calibration settings. The VA panel also delivered a great picture, including a contrast ratio of around 2,600:1, both before and after calibration. Plus, the UR59C's 1500mm curve looked natural. It may even boost productivity by filling your peripheral vision when seated from a typical (about 3 feet) distance.

Samsung UR59C: was $500, now $350 at B&H

Samsung UR59C: was $500, now $350 at B&H
This budget 4K monitor is now cheaper than ever. It’s a VA panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate, effective 1500mm curve and an accurate image after calibration.

Note that you won’t find the UR59C on our Best 4K Gaming Monitors list. With just a 60 Hz refresh rate it’s not geared for pro-level gaming. However, we paired it with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE and were able to enjoy some casual gaming that looked great, thanks to the high resolution and contrast.

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  • Gurg
    "With just a 60 Hz refresh rate it’s not geared for gaming. "
    I get the potential data transfer rate on a 4k 60hz monitor isn't as high as a 120/144hz monitor at more than double the price. The top GPU, a 3090, generated around 70 frames per second in the 99th percentile average in TH 13 game average.

    What is the max 99th percentile FPS in those 13 games on a 4k monitor 60hz vs a 120/144hz 4k monitor? Do I actually lose any FPS @ 60hz? What about with a lesser GPU such as 3080, 3070 or 6800xt which generate far fewer FPS?