13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

AOpen XC Cube EX65: Design Is A Matter Of Taste

Another barebone from AOpen is the XC Cube EX65, which can be individually configured. In the interior there is - like all XC Cube barebones from AOpen - a Socket 478 motherboard for Pentium 4 processors. The integrated Extreme Graphics 2 of the i865G/Springdale chipset provides the onboard graphics. In contrast to the XC Cube AV, the EX and EY are not equipped with the InstantON software and a TV tuner. Also, the barebone itself has no display and no reader for multimedia cards. The only thing of note is the parallel interface on the back - most competitors simply omit it. Although there is enough space, AOpen only routes one of the two possible serial ports to the outside. AOpen also scrimps on USB connectors. Although the i865G chipset supports eight USB interfaces, only four of them can be used with the EX and EY.

When switched on, the power button is illuminated

Front connectors: Open for everything - even dust

Siggy Moersch