13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Soltek QBic EQ3801A: AMD64 Power Barebone

The barebone from Soltek provides an especially large amount of space for one 5.25" drive and one 3.5" drive. An additional 3.5" slot is only accessible from the inside. This is well suited for a hard drive at a later time. A card reader can also be accommodated in the floppy slot, which is accessible from the front. The silver-colored barebone foregoes any type of display. However, the special feature is more the interior, because the QBic 3801A is one of only a few mini PCs that is designed for AMD64 processors. The motherboard is based on the new NForce 3 250 GB from Nvidia, which admittedly has no onboard graphics. In the case itself, there is a great deal of clearance, which makes the assembly of the barebone easier. A system fan attached to the side provides additional air. When using Office applications, the 100 millimeter fan can hardly be heard. However, if the CPU is really challenged, then you can notice that this fan speeds up and slows down on occasion. It's true that the noise level doesn't exceed 52 dB(A), but the noise that the fan produces grates on your nerves. The noise can be compared to a closed door through which the wind occasionally whistles, which isn't loud but it still quickly gets on your nerves.

Plain design with two 5.25" slots

Only the power on button is illuminated when switched on

Nothing exciting, only standard and without VGA connector

Siggy Moersch