13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Pros And Cons


  • Multimedia functions without Windows;
  • Good display and remote control;
  • Parallel interface;
  • DVI and S-Video support;
  • Easy installation of hardware;
  • Edges are ground down;
  • TV and radio tuner;
  • InstantOn software.


  • Loud CPU fan;
  • Poor cable routing.

Brief Conclusion

The XC Cube AV from AOpen does everything that a multimedia computer can - and more. The TV and radio tuner card changes the barebone into a full-blooded video recorder and additionally plays MP3 or audio CDs. After switching on the XC Cube AV, it is ready to use within five seconds because Windows is not absolutely necessary for playing DVDs or CDs: the barebone has its own Linux-based operating system. But don't worry. Installing the InstantON Linux is user-friendly and the software installs itself almost on its own.

InstantON: a Renaissance machine with a Spartan configuration

Siggy Moersch