13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Test Candidates With A PCI Express Slot

Barebones with PCI Express are still rare, but that is sure to change in the near future. Shuttle shows once again who the real barebone makers are. Besides the XPC SB81P, which we already presented, another barebone with PCI Express reached us before the press deadline. It is true that the XPC SB3G5 is based on the same chipset as the XPC SB81P, however, it doesn't have the same luxury configuration and is considerably louder when the CPU is loaded. That is like different car models: everything depends on your taste and financial situation. Thus, the SPC SB83G5 is more like the Volkswagen and the XPC SB81P more like a Mercedes.

AGP - where are you? PCI-Express instead of AGP

Shuttle XPC SB81P: High-end Barebone

The new flagship from Shuttle is really something. The XPC SB81P is the first barebone that is designed for PCI Express and the Intel Socket 775. In addition, Shuttle has built a new cooling system into the SB81P in order to dissipate the thermal power loss of the CPU. The case cover of the Shuttle barebone is not completely closed. Instead, it has a multitude of square vents on both sides. On one side, the air is drawn in through the vents into the case. It is then blown through a flow channel made of plastic, through the heatpipe and the cooling fins of the CPU fan. Then, another fan provides rapid removal of the hot air to the outside on the opposite side. The cooling system works very effectively, because even under full load, the fans weren't loud. The measuring device just showed 41 dB(A), which is an excellent rating.

Black is beautiful

Front connectors are found under a flap

Siggy Moersch