13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Jetway MiniQ Twin: Two Users Simultaneously

The Jetway MiniQ is a family-friendly barebone. By means of an adapter, two keyboards and mice can be used at the same time. Unfortunately, this only works with PS/2 input devices. If a dual-head graphics card is used, then two monitors or TFT screens can also be connected to the MiniQ. The unit has the advantage that two users can use the barebone without interfering with each other. One user, however, can only use the onboard graphics of the i854 chipset. The twin mode doesn't even work in combination with a VGA graphics card. Here, Jetway went its own way, because only the HyperThreading technology of the Intel CPU makes this feature possible. Consequently, for example, one of the users can run Internet or office applications without the second user noticing any loss of performance. However, if one side is playing games, then this leads to a high CPU load. The other user can still work on the computer, but he will notice unpleasant delays. It is logical that both users can't play or write code at the same time because nothing has changed on the CPU. Single 100% CPU loads can't be doubled by means of an adapter. That would be tantamount to discovering a perpetual motion machine.

Plain design

Multifunctional Display

Siggy Moersch