13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

AOpen XC Cube EY65: A Lot Of Intel Platforms

Their appearances may belie it, but the interiors of the EY65 and the EX65 barebones from AOpen are identical. No differences can be detected in their features or configuration. Only the exterior design plays a role here. The slots for a DVD drive and for the 3.5" hard disk are accessible from the front. The only fly in the ointment is that the cover of the 3.5" drive doesn't visually match the 5.25" cover and is black. Like the EX65, the front connectors of the EY65 for USB, audio and FireWire are completely exposed to the elements.

After opening the barebone cover, you will find a very tidy interior. The connecting cable from the motherboard and the power supply are very cleanly connected to the struts of the case with cable ties. The mounting cage for the drive must be removed to install the CPU. The hard disk can be mounted in an installation frame that can slide in on the side under the holder.

Distraction or design: black cover of the 3.5" drive

Case: susceptible to dust and scratches

Siggy Moersch