13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Test Candidates Without An AGP Graphics Slot

ASUS Pundit AB-P 2800: Mini Format

In contrast to the competition, ASUS always chooses a very individual design. No humdrum cube formats here. ASUS prefers unusual cases that have a certain amount of charm. Small and handy is the Pundit AB-P 2800, which can work vertically or horizontally. Behind the front cover, there are some front connectors for USB, FireWire and audio and a card reader as well as a PCMCIA card slot. The connectors on the back side are also interesting. Besides the standard connectors for the peripherals, the Pundit AB-P 2800 has a DVI monitor connector and one S-Video and one composite video output. With it, the Pundit can work as a DVD player directly on any television.

Alternative: can be set up on its edge

With notebook slot for PCMCIA cards

PCI slot is turned 90 degrees

Siggy Moersch