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Molex Connector: Let There Be Color

Why do peripheral connectors always have to be white or black? With only these two colors, it's a bit boring. Now, you can add some spice to your life. With the EZ Grip Molex Connector Kit from Vantec, you can exchange the peripheral connector from the power supply or from the Y-cable. The Molex connectors don't just react to UV light; they are easier to remove from the drives or other devices. The change-over goes quite quickly if you're up to it. The included tool, which is initially reminiscent of a hypodermic needle, makes it easier to convert the peripheral connectors. In each package, you get 10 Molex connectors.

10 peripheral connectors are contained in each package.

Not candies, but plastic connectors to exchange.

Not a needle: it's a tool to convert the Molex connectors

Pulling the connectors, made easy

Source: vantec.com

Siggy Moersch