13 Barebones Reviewed Are Anything But Square

Pros And Cons


  • Two 5.25" slots;
  • A lot of room for expansion cards;
  • Two variations.


  • Design;
  • Large dimensions;
  • No serial ATA interface;
  • Loud CPU fan;
  • Little space for hard disks.

Temperature Measurements

Brief Conclusion

Due to the unusual structural design, which is more reminiscent of a mini tower, the barebone from ASUS can have more drives. In the T2-R version, a radio and a card reader are already built in. The spacious interior allows the use of larger and wider graphics cards than a classical barebones in cube format. You will have to decide for yourself whether to opt for the mini case or the barebone cube.

Only the T2-R has a display with a clock function

Siggy Moersch