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Shuttle PC40: Upgrade To Quiet Power Supply

The first generation of XPCs from Shuttle still had a weak, noisy 200 watt power supply. Upgrading the integrated power supply not only increases the power to 250 watts, but also makes the XPC barebone noticeably quieter. The new PC40 power supply fits in almost all XPC models. Anyone who finally wants to have quiet in the barebone should be prepared to pay out just short of $60.

The installation is child's play. You only have to remove the external screws and then you can take care of the connections to the motherboard and the drives. You can't do much wrong when assembling the new and quiet power supply.

Upgrade the power supply: it's worth it!

Shuttle PC40: Less noise, yet more power.

Source: shuttle.com

Retail price: $50

Siggy Moersch