2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Cooler Master Wave Master: TAC-T01-EK, Continued

The first thing you will notice about the Wave Master TAC-T01-EK is its striking black, high-gloss automotive paint quality finish that covers both side panels as well as its top. This is a radical departure from the silver colored aluminum ATCS-TEK model that we reviewed previously. Cooler Master had been long chided for not offering a black case option in its product line Wave Master Series. In the TAC-T01-EK Cooler Master has addressed this criticism, while at the same drawing on the strengths of the original design to better meet the needs of consumers.

While the front bezel still remains aluminum and alloy, Cooler Master chose a black anodized style finish for the front bezel instead of extending the high-gloss paint finish to the side panels and top. The bezel design remains intact from the ATCS-TEK version, but the revisions to the case did not include provisions for an additional 3.5"" device, which would have been a welcomed addition. Our sample version of the TAC-T01-EK also lacked a side window, but we have been informed by Cooler Master that a windowed side panel for the TAC-T01-EK is available from the Cooler Master Parts department.

As with previous model, the TAC-T01-EK is somewhat cramped inside, even though it does include a slide-out motherboard tray. Depending on the number of devices that you will be installing in this case, you may or may not share this criticism of the compact nature of the TAC-T01-EK; however, you will appreciate the small extra level of convenience that is provided for hiding cables behind the internal 3.5" bay housing.

A look inside the TAC-T01-EK.