2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Jeantech Butterfly Series 2011, Continued

A look at the front-mounted ports on the 2011. Where is the 1394/Firewire?

The 2011 features a front-mounted, flip-down door made of plastic that is quite sturdy when engaged. Once the door flips down, it exposes the two front-mounted USB 2.0 ports as well as the MIC and headphone jack. The 2011 definitely loses points for its lack of support for a 1394/Firewire connector. We still find it very peculiar that some manufacturers continue to ignore the need for this important connection.

The 2011 includes bezel covers for a single floppy and optical drive; no additional bezel covers are provided. This could present a problem if you have more than one optical device. The covers add to the overall attractiveness of the front bezel, which has an ever-so-slight curve in the front of the 5.25" drive bays. We are dismayed by the fact that Jeantech did not offer a second bezel cover for an additional optical drive. While the 2011 can be used without these bezel covers, it defeats the clean and smooth look of this case to not include them. Jeantech should consider throwing in an extra 5.25" cover in with the case packaging. There were no assembly instructions to speak of, and the 2011 did not include a side panel window, which would have definitely sweetened its appeal. This is not a "deal breaker," however; Jeantech's Web site states that other versions of the 2011 exist that do offer a side panel window.

Overall, the 2011 is quite a good offering from the Jeantech team. Still, it has a few minor shortcomings that make this case far from perfect for every application. We were impressed with the overall function and quality for its price; however, its design is not quite as aggressive as some enthusiasts might prefer. However, the 2011 will find a home in many OEM and white-box style applications due to its quality construction and overall attractive look.

The 2011 is not a bad case for most applications, but those seeking a more forward or aggressive design can probably find something a bit more full featured for nearly the same price.