2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Jeantech Butterfly Series JN424SB, Continued

This is the interior view from the other side.

On the JN424SB is a front-mounted, pull-down door that covers the two USB ports; one MIC, one headphone and one 1394/Firewire port. The addition of the 1394/Firewire port is an upgrade over the 2011, which did not even include a knockout for a potential 1394/Firewire port. Still, we were somewhat dismayed after opening the covered door to discover that the back side of the cover door was beige. Why, on a black colored case, would the back side of the port cover door remain beige? It certainly must be an oversight by Jeantech that needs to be addressed, and it raises attention to detail questions in this particular area.

With the pull-down door covering the ports disengaged, you can see that someone wasn't thinking here. Please, either mold the entire door in black or paint the door black to match the case!! This mismatch looks just horrible.

Overall, the JN424SB is quite a step up from the 2011 in nearly every area. It is clear that the JN424SB is a heavy steel case, but it enjoys a fairly well formulated design that allows for a significant amount of expansion and at the same time provides for the user to gain many of the features that were omitted from the 2011. Certainly the JN424SB is an improvement over the 2011, but it lacks some of the appeal that many gamers require from a cutting edge case design. While it is a very good case in most aspects, it still is not the perfect case by far. As with many of the other cases that routinely compete in the OEM/white box/builder category, the JN424SB may be relegated to serving those types of applications instead of more robust applications that the JN424SB might be suited for.