2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

SilverStone Technology Lascala Series / SST-LC01

This is the first case review for newcomer SilverStone Technology who now gets into the THG case review record books by being the first company to submit a non-MicroATX desktop case for review. Traditionally, in past case reviews we have not reviewed desktop cases, not by any predetermined plan but just by the fact that we leave it up to the case manufacturers to select the cases they submit to us for review in most circumstances.

While at times we do request specific cases for review, we didn't specifically request the SST-LC01. Imagine our surprise when opening this box, particularly since we just completed the MicroATX case review . The MicroATX review focused on the usefulness of the MicroATX form factor for home theatre/Tivo/TV applications. While the SST-LC01 is larger than the MicroATX cases, it offers the advantage of being able to handle an ATX motherboard, which offers a significant variety of possible high performance motherboard solutions for your home theatre/Tivo/TV applications. Let's see how the SST-LC01 stacks up against the rest in this review, as well as the possibilities of using this in a home theatre/Tivo/TV application environment.

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Number Of Internal 3-½" Bays4
Number Of External 3-½" Bays2
Number Of External 5-¼" Bays2
Number Of Case Fans Supported1 - 80mm Rear
Construction MaterialAluminum Alloy
Power Supply DetailsSST-ST400 w/120mm fan - Optional - Not included with all models.
Special FeaturesFront mounted USB 2.0, 1394/Firewire/Mic/Headphone jacks
Size6.5"(H) x 16.5" (W) x 17.75"(D)
Sample Case Provided Bywww.silverstonetek.com
Estimated Cost$159.00 US
Cooling Potential Rating7
Construction Quality Rating7
Overall Case Rating7