2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Antec Solution Series: SLK3700-BQE, Continued

Upon opening the packaging box of the Antec SLK3700-BQE it seems as if we have been here before. The déjà vu SLK3700-BQE appears to be nothing more than a less aggressive version of the original Antec Lanboy Series. While Antec now offers a Super Lanboy in addition to the original Lanboy, it makes sense that Antec would want to branch out with such a unique case design as the Lanboy offered. Antec is pitching the SLK3700-BQE as a low-noise solution case. Based on our experience with this case, we can tell you that it is not only a good low-noise solution with both 120mm fans installed, but that it is also a quiet solution, as these grommeted 120mm fans do not generate much noise.

A look at the inside of the SLK3700-BQE.

Similar to the original Lanboy we tested previously, the construction quality of the SLK3700-BQE is very good. It features a rolled edge and folded edge design using a number of rivets to fasten the case together. The SLK3700-BQE is both sturdy and at the same time, rigid in construction. While the top of the unit exhibited some twist, it had very limited bend due to its steel construction. The SLK3700-BQE weighs in at nearly 27 pounds because of its steel construction ; this is not a lightweight case. Still, the design and size of the case make it relatively easy to handle when transporting it.

The black finish on this case is not the "piano black" finish that we have seen on other Antec models. When attacking a low-cost price solution such as Antec is doing with the SLK3700-BQE Series, it is obvious that Antec had to be frugal with the extras. The paint finish on this case still is a cut above that you would find on many other cases. The front bezel and door of the SLK3700-BQE are plastic, and the plastic door fits well and seems quite durable.