2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Cooler Master: ATC-201B-BXT

Cooler Master shipped us the ATC-201B-BXT for review. This case has quite a story behind it as we reviewed the ATCS-Tek version of this case called the MRO-16 in our Spring Case Review .

With ATCS-Tek being brought into the Cooler Master fold, the previous ATCS-Tek models are now only available as Cooler Master branded products. The MRO-16 received an Editors' Choice in our review and still continues to be ranked as one of the best cases that we have reviewed.

During our discussion with Cooler Master at Computex we found out that the ATC-201B series cases are slated to be discontinued later this year in favor of a newer revision of ATC-201B/MRO-16, which will be branded under the Praetorian label. The Praetorian will be available in two models: the PAC-T01-E1 (Sliver) and the PAC-T01-EK (Black). While these two cases will most likely feature a few new features, most notably the probable addition of front-mounted 1394/Firewire, MIC and headphone jacks. The rest of the case will stay the same with the exception that neither the PAC-T01-E1 nor the PAC-T01-EK will ship as standard with the side panel window. Instead the windowed side panel will most likely be available from the Cooler Master Parts department at an additional charge.

Cooler Master wanted us to have another look at their version of the MRO-16 to give prospective buyers an idea of what to expect when the Praetorian version (PAC-T01-EK) becomes available worldwide in February 2004. In the meantime, we are told that ample numbers of the ATC-201B-BXT continue to be available in the market and from dealers worldwide, as this continues to be one of the most popular cases (if not the best seller) in Cooler Master history. As of the publication date of this review, Cooler Master claimed to have over 300+ of the ATC-201B-BXT cases available in just its U.S. warehouse alone. At least for the moment, you should be able to find one if you want to purchase one.