2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Lian Li PC-6077

We haven't heard from Lian Li in some time, as Lian Li opted to forego our Summer Case Review and chose instead to ship us a brand new case for our Fall Case Review. Lian Li continues to be one of the top trendsetters in aluminum cases. To this day, they are one of the only case manufacturers that continue to manufacture the majority of their cases in Taiwan, rather than moving their case manufacturing offshore to China. Lian Li claims that the Taiwanese manufacturing gives them superior quality and an edge within a challenging market space.

While Lian Li may be considered to be the "Godfather" of aluminum chassis, many of the last few models from Lian Li did not meet with as much fanfare as Lian Li expected from them. The PC-6077 marks a new departure for Lian Li with a revamped internal design that undoubtedly many users will find quite appealing. Let's see what Lian Li has done with the PC-6077.

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Number Of Internal 3-½" Bays3 (Using EX-23HD Rack)
Number Of External 3-½" Bays1
Number Of External 5-¼" Bays6
Number Of Case Fans Supported4 - 80mm; 2 rear, 1 top, 1 front
Construction MaterialAluminum - 1.5 to 2mm aluminum w/brushed anodized finish
Power Supply DetailsNot included
Special Features2 USB 1394/Firewire, MIC and headphone, front-mounted; easy slide out motherboard tray; innovative adjustable bay configuration.
Size17.9"(H) x 8.25"(W) x 19.25"(D)
Sample Case Provided Bywww.lian-li.com
Estimated Cost$179.00 US
Cooling Potential Rating9
Construction Quality Rating9
Overall Case Rating9