2003 Winter Case Review Part 2: The ATX Avalanche

Superpower Superb Series KC2301B, Continued

The front-mounted port selection for the KC2301B.

Beyond the construction of the KC2301B the only special features of note are two front-mounted USB ports and a MIC and headphone jack. Superpower includes connections for these to be connected to the motherboard. Other than the front-mounted jacks, which are almost considered "standard" equipment these days, Superpower did not really provide much else that was interesting.

The KC2301B has a very unique appearance. When the case is in its locked position, short of someone picking up and case and running away with it (unlikely due its weight), the KC2301B is a security dream. No one is going to pry this case open easily, and in environments where protecting the equipment/PC inside the case is paramount, the KC2301B has a clear advantage. We were impressed by the looks of this case, but we have a difficult time discerning the type of applications (beyond a secure environment requirement) that this case would be best suited for.

If you like the look of the KC2301B and aren't going to be transporting it frequently, this is not a bad case to consider. However, the KC2301B is very heavy, and we have mentioned this numerous times to emphasize this point. The construction quality of the KC2301B is substantial and it is well built, and if you have a special security application that is suited for protecting the internal components of a computer case in a genre of "Fort Knox" security, then the KC2301B is recommended for you.