China Dispatch: Adventures in Case Manufacturing

Final Assembly Process, Continued

Almost finished, as we head down the other side of the assembly line. Notice the blue plastic that is placed on the each side panel to protect it from damage during motherboard installation. Chenbro thinks of everything, it seems. Other companies should consider adding this as a standard feature for their case panels, and we wonder why others don't think that an inexpensive detail such as this is important.

The side panel is finally placed on the case in the last station on the final assembly line.

Each case after final assembly is inspected one more time prior to being packaged. A check list is followed to make sure that everything about the case is perfect prior to packing it for shipment. The slightest problem will cause the case to be rejected. It is amazing to observe the detail this employee goes through to make sure that each case passes the quality check list, looks good and is defect free.

In addition to the standard inspection, a Q.A. "spot" check is also performed on many random cases; actual parts are put into cases that are pulled off the line for a sample test build to make sure that the tolerances are correct and that there are no overlooked problems with the case. This level of detail insures that the quality is consistent from one computer to the next. We did not expect to see an actual build performed as a test on cases prior to shipment. This is an example of quality control taken to a much higher level.

  • new ideas to achieve the same painting all over the length ( length 1100 to 1500 mm)
  • zhijunli
    Please visit more factories before you say "why others don't think that an inexpensive detail such as this is important."
  • Those guys been working with vendors that can supply vacuum deposited, electroplated, printed and spray painted plastic parts. This is old news..