China Dispatch: Adventures in Case Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Painting Process

Of course, the sheet metal has to be painted and treated to prevent rust. Since most buyers do not want a beige colored case any longer, Chenbro has invested significant money and time to improve and advance its sheet metal painting process. More modifications to the painting process are planned for the future, and there are several new ideas currently in the planning stages. Will it be much longer before Chenbro offers more new color choices? Time will tell; but in the meantime, the painting process continues to be one of the most time consuming parts of the case assembly process. This is because it takes nearly 40 minutes for each case to properly dry after it has been through the painting process.

The next process is the sheet metal painting process. Before the sheet metal can be painted it must be cleaned to remove any impurities prior to painting. In addition, it must be coated with a zinc undercoat to prevent rust.

The employees use a custom jig to hang the parts that require painting on the overhead conveyor. Each hanging jig is able to handle two side panels, as you can see here. Once the panels are hung, they are inspected for defects, and then hit with compressed air in order to clean them completely before they enter the paint booth.

Before entering the automated paint process, the panels are once again inspected in order to make sure that there are no defects or rough surfaces. It is very important to get a clean and smooth painted finish.

  • new ideas to achieve the same painting all over the length ( length 1100 to 1500 mm)
  • zhijunli
    Please visit more factories before you say "why others don't think that an inexpensive detail such as this is important."
  • Those guys been working with vendors that can supply vacuum deposited, electroplated, printed and spray painted plastic parts. This is old news..