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China Dispatch: Adventures in Case Manufacturing

Let's Start At The Beginning: The Design, Prototype, And Testing Process

Before a computer case order can be sent to the factory for production, the case must first be designed, developed and built as a prototype and then tested. Chenbro invests a significant amount of money and resources into its research and development of new cases. With the ever changing, competitive case market, Chenbro has to continue to innovate in order to stay on top of the design curve in the industry.

Our hosts from Chenbro for the day were Ken, Kent, and Jerry. Ken actually walked me through the entire process and served as both translator and guide accompanying me to the factory in China.

Currently, Chenbro designs, prototypes and tests their cases in their state-of-the-art research and development lab in Taipei. We were invited to spend time in the Taipei lab to observe the design, prototype, and testing processes. Chenbro utilizes these in-house facilities for both OEM projects and their own pre-production products. While every project/case may be different, the processes follow the same basic format and steps.