China Dispatch: Adventures in Case Manufacturing

Sub Assembly Process, Continued

Two types of welding to join the metal are used by Chenbro: spot and projection welding. Spot welding, as seen in this picture, is done to join minute areas of the case together. Larger areas should always be projection welded, as this provides a cleaner weld and a much stronger fit.

Here we have an example of projection welding. Although some chassis manufacturers might elect to use a spot welding process to cover a large area, as we see in the picture, the results will be unsightly and lack the strength to make the case sturdy.

The metal is now finished and can be stored awaiting final assembly. Side panels and plastics need to be completed prior to the final assembly of the case.>

  • new ideas to achieve the same painting all over the length ( length 1100 to 1500 mm)
  • zhijunli
    Please visit more factories before you say "why others don't think that an inexpensive detail such as this is important."
  • Those guys been working with vendors that can supply vacuum deposited, electroplated, printed and spray painted plastic parts. This is old news..