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Benchmark Results: COD World At War

GeForce GTX 295 In Quad-SLI

Nvidia leads the way in Call of Duty: World at War, with only a single GTX 280 falling behind any AMD graphics solution. Quad-SLI leads the way, with two GeForce GTX 295s edging out 3-way GTX 280s even at a 2560x1600 resolution.

Cranking up the details lets the 3-way GTX 280 setup take away the top position. Then again, all configurations were fast enough for perfectly smooth game play at our highest resolution.

GeForce GTX 295s still hold a high-end gaming value advantage over GTX 280s, since two $500 cards are cheaper than three $400 cards and one $500 card is far cheaper than two $400 cards. AMD’s $500 cards (Ed.: soon to be found closer to $449, according to AMD) are found at the bottom of the chart, just above the single GTX 280.

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