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Performance Analysis

System Builder Marathon: The $4,500 Super PC

With a huge 38% processor overclock offset by a tiny additional overclock to our pre-overclocked graphics card, we’re most anxious to see the overall gains in games.

Supreme Commander receives amazingly little benefit from CPU overclocking, while World in Conflict increases by a much more significant amount.

We’re not quite sure how it’s possible to get a 40% performance increase from a 38% overclock, but we’re not going to argue against these excellent encoding performance results. Even the least of these gains—Mainconcept H.264 encoding—is a remarkable 34%.

Broken benchmark tools prevented us from evaluating several 32-bit programs under a 64-bit operating system, even though the programs for which the tools were written functioned normally. Since this is the fault of our tools rather than an incompatibility with the program, we won’t use the missing scores against the overall performance averages.

A combined performance increase of 31% is quite an achievement for a 38% processor overclock, but we’ll have to wait until our System Builder Marathon Day 4 system comparison for a broader perspective.

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