Get a 32-Inch 144 Hz Curved Acer Gaming Monitor for $275

(Image credit: Newegg)

Acer’s ED322QR Pbmiipx curved gaming monitor is now on sale for $274.99 on Newegg. That’s $45.00, or 14% off its typical $319.99 asking price.

The key selling points here are the size and form factor. At 32 inches, it’s not excessively large for a desk, but still big enough to take advantage of its curved shape. The ED322QR also has a 144 Hz refresh rate, which keeps up with some of the best gaming monitors, plus AMD FreeSync compatibility and a 4ms response time. There are also built-in speakers, potentially helping you to free up desk space. 

Acer ED322QR Pbmiipxwas $319.99 now $274.99 @ Newegg

Acer ED322QR Pbmiipx: was $319.99 now $274.99 @ Newegg
This is a curved, 144 Hz monitor with a 31.5 inch display, FreeSync and built-in speakers. That checks off a lot of boxes on gamers' playlists. Resolution-wise it's a good upgrade for those currently stuck at 1080p. 

For a sub-4K gaming monitor, this display has most of the features gamers would want. Note that the monitor doesn't support VESA mounts, though, so you may want to make sure you're okay with that included stand before committing. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • TheNorm
    In the Article: "Resolution-wise it's a good upgrade for those currently stuck at 1080p."

    This is a 1080p Monitor, maybe the author is confusing the 144 Hz refresh with 1440p, which this display is not.