Samsung's Fast and Furious 2TB 980 Pro SSD Drops to Just $184

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When people talk about the best SSDs on the market, Samsung's name often comes up first, since the company is both a household name and a pioneer and leader in the tech behind solid-state storage. And while the Samsung 980 Pro is no longer our favorite drive (it's been replaced by the slightly faster and more affordable SK Hynix Platinum P4, which is also on sale today (opens in new tab)), it's still a blazingly fast and reliable drive from a brand that many are happy to pay a premium for. 

But that premium is lower than ever, because the 2TB Samsung 980 Pro is on sale today for its lowest price, just $184 (opens in new tab) at Newegg with coupon code FTSBUAA447. That's even cheaper than Amazon's Prime Day deal, which is $10 more.

Samsung 980 PRO PCIe Gen 4 2TB:  originally $430, now $184 at Newgg (opens in new tab)

Samsung 980 PRO PCIe Gen 4 2TB: originally $430, now $184 at Newgg (opens in new tab)
One of our favorite SSDs, thanks to its epic performance and superb power efficiency, the Samsung 980 Pro (2TB) offers sequential read and write speeds of 7,000 and 5,100 MBps. Use coupon code FTSBUAA447 to get it at this price.

Checking in at 2TB, the Samsung 980 Pro doesn't compromise capacity for performance. You're getting the best performance that a PCIe 4.0 SSD has to offer with considerable storage room. In our testing, the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB had no problem hitting sequential read and write speeds up to 7,000 MB/s and 5,100 MB/s, respectively. The random performance on the Samsung 980 Pro is excellent as well. We're looking at peak random write and read numbers that escalate up to one million IOPS.

The Samsung 980 Pro comes in your standard M.2 2280 form factor so the drive will fit into any M.2 slot whether it's located on a desktop, laptop or PlayStation 5. In the case of Sony's console, you may have to pick up a third-party heatsink for the Samsung 980 Pro to maintain sustained speeds. Samsung also sells a PS5-tailored 980 Pro with a built-in heatsink, but the sale isn't on that model.

The endurance on the Samsung 980 isn't the best isn't the business, but it's more than ample enough for most users. The 2TB version is rated for up to 1,200 TBW and comes with a limited five-year warranty.

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  • Johnpombrio
    I bought the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB NVME drive on Amazon For $313 on June 21st on a lightning deal. Still waiting for DDR 5 memory to install my new mobo and Alder Lake CPU.
  • Flyfisherman
    The endurance is Not a problem for a regular user (non server/enterprise use).

    Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB Endurance 600TBW 5-years warranty.
    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB Endurance 1200TBW 5-years warranty.
    TBW=TeraBytes Written

    Let's say that an ordinary office work writes 30GB/day (read doesn't affect this):
    Formula (TBW x 1024) / 30 GB)=days
    600TBW x 1024 /30GB= 20480 days or 56 years.
    1200TBW x1024 /30GB=40960 days or 112 years.Other electronics on the device has stopped working long before endurance will become a problem.
    Btw. I have a Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M2 and Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD (10-years warranty) and I am extremely satisfied.

    Best regards from Sweden
  • King_V
    Johnpombrio said:
    I bought the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB NVME drive on Amazon For $313 on June 21st on a lightning deal. Still waiting for DDR 5 memory to install my new mobo and Alder Lake CPU.
    Won't Amazon give you the difference back? I mean, given that it's still within the 30 day returns period.

    Uh, disclaimer: I don't know if there's any limitations to that on Lightning Deals or not.

    Seems weird if the answer is no, and you'd have to go through the whole "buy another and return the original" process.